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Question No. 1

In order to increase scalability and high availability you are configuring WebLogic clustering with JMS distributed destinations.

Which recommendation will ensure optimal load balancing of the message processing?

Answer: A

A uniform distributed destination (UDD), compared to weighted Distributed Destinations, greatly simplifies the management and development of distributed destination applications.Using uniform distributed destinations, you no longer need to create or designate destination members, but instead rely on WebLogic Server to uniformly create the necessary members on the JMS servers to which a JMS module is targeted. This feature ensures the consistent configuration of all distributed destination parameters, particularly in regards to weighting, security, persistence, paging, and quotas.

Question No. 2

Review the digital certificate below.

Based on what the certificate contains, which statement is true? (Choose the best answer.)

Answer: A

Question No. 3

Your domain is experiencing some intermittent problems that you are not able to figure out on your own. You have opened a case with Oracle Support to help you figure out the problem. The support engineer would like to use the WebLogic Diagnostic Framework (WLDF) to obtain an overall view of your WebLogic Server environment to try to narrow the problem to a particular subsystem.

What WLDF data does the support engineer request from you? (Choose the best answer.)

Answer: A

Diagnostic Image Capture gathers the most common sources of the key server state used in diagnosing problems. It packages that state into a single artifact, the Diagnostic Image.

Question No. 4

You are tasked with creating an Extension Template for an existing domain.

What are three options that are presented during the extension creation process? (Choose three.)

Answer: A, B, D

AB: The Select a Template Configuration Source window prompts you to choose the application template or domain directory from which you want to create an extension template.

D: The Import SQL Scripts window prompts you to add SQL scripts for each database that you expect to be used with the domains created from this template.

Question No. 5

You manage an application that uses SAML tokens from a trusted voucher to provide single sign-on for virtual clients of your WebLogic domain. Your domain uses an identity assertion provider to manage this authentication.

Clients are failing to authenticate. Client return codes and server log files do not include any useful information that can he used to discern where the issue lies.

What do you do to determine the problem?

Answer: A

You can enable debug scopes or attributes by passing them as options in the command that starts WebLogic Server. You can configure SAML debugging either through command line options by using the WebLogic Server Administration Console.

Question No. 6

Which two automatic migration scenarios require node manager for all migratable services? (Choose two.)

Answer: A, C

When using automatic service migration, the Node Manager is required to get health monitoring information about the member servers involved, as follows:

* Consensus leasing -- Node Manager must be running on every machine hosting managed servers within the cluster.

* Database leasing -- Node Manager must be running on every machine hosting managed servers within the cluster only if pre/post-migration scripts are defined. If pre/post-migrations are not defined, then Node manager is not required.

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